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Founded at the end of 2015 by Loïc Michel, Mathieu Martin and Paul Mougel, 365Talents publishes a software solution in full SaaS mode intended for HRDs/General Management of large companies.

The managers started with the observation that the CoreHR solutions on the market did not allow them to collect and manage the skills of their employees in a dynamic way (non-exploited CV databases and rigid skills repositories that were not kept up to date).

The 365 platform targets HRDs/General Management of large groups >(above1000 employees) and allows the implementation of adapted tools allowing :
– d’acquérir une vision transverse des compétences disponibles dans le groupe,
– manage in real time the evolutions (or desires) of each person, to optimize internal mobility.

To date, the solution has been deployed to 90,000 employees in 25 countries (of which about 1/3 are international).

Participation: minority

Development and marketing of a SaaS platform for managing skills, mobility and staffing.

Loïc Michel, Paul Mougel and Mathieu Martin

IXO intervention: 3,2 M€ (FIP APL 2017 & FIP APL 2019)

Sales figures: nc

Effective: 33 (2020)