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CARE LABS was born from a personal experience and a human adventure.

Care Labs designs, deploys and manages prepaid products and services dedicated to preventive health and non-nomenclature through the Chèque Santé product for mutual insurance companies, third-party payment organizations, companies and local authorities.

The company was created in Montpellier in 2014 by 10 social entrepreneurs with complementary expertise (health, finance, dematerialization and social innovation) united around the same project: to facilitate access to health for all. In March 2014, the start-up raised €2M for its seed round from 3 investment funds (Sofimac Partners, Soridec, and Sofilaro). Then in 2016, a total of €5.2M was raised, including €5M from iXO Private Equity and €200K from IRDI SORIDEC.
The company currently employs 20 people, divided between its headquarters in Montpellier and a first sales office in Paris (8th arrondissement).

Participation: minoritaire 

e-health platform for dematerialized payment and services dedicated to health


IXO intervention: 5 M€

Sales figures: nc (2019)

Effective: 6 (2019)