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Gilles Labrunie and Laurent Flachard, two engineers with a background in the oil industry, created EP2C Energy Group in 2014. EP2C Energy specializes in technical assistance to large infrastructure projects around the world.

The Group is established to date through several subsidiaries in Europe, the Middle East, West and East Africa, South America and Southeast Asia. Its expertise meets the expectations of its customers at every phase of the project, from R&D to project management and operations. Its clients are major international groups, particularly in the Energy, Water and Environment and Life Sciences sectors.

Participation: minority

Technical assistance and recruitment services for projects in the Oil&Gas/forestry/nuclear/water treatment/renewable energy/mining/infrastructure sectors.

Gilles Labrunie and Laurent Flachard

IXO intervention: 10,5 M€ (iXO 4)

Sales figures: 41,4 M€ (2020)

Effective: 306 (2020)