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Magellium Group is a group of service and engineering companies that designs, integrates and operates complex systems for the markets of space observation, image data and their processing, and geographic information systems.

The Group is positioned on the entire value chain of the pixel, from the sensor to the decision support system.

The Group is structured around two main entities

  • Artal: expert in industrial software systems (embedded systems, data processing, mobility, software engineering and methods);
  • Magellium: expert in imaging and geo-information (Earth observation, Geographic Information System & cartography, geo-intelligence, computer vision & robotics).
Jean-Luc Rivière

Participation: majoritaire 

Engineering of complex systems for the space observation, image data and processing, and geographic information systems markets


IXO intervention: 6,0 M€ dans la holding FGD

Sales figures: 24,6 M€ (2019)

Effective: 280 (2019)