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The Optimum Group specializes in the design and manufacture of closet doors for the French DIY market (75% of 2014 sales) and the trade segment.

The group has managed to significantly increase its level of profitability over the 2011-2014 period by relying on the conquest of export markets, the constant increase in market share in the trade segment and commercial innovation in the DIY segment.

Optimum, headed by Jean-Luc Guéry, is based in Agen, but also has a manufacturing unit in Roquefort (47), in Lille and is the market leader in standard products.

Participation: majoritaire 

Design and manufacture of closet doors.

Jean-Luc Guéry

IXO intervention: 9,4 M€ in holding Optineo

Sales figures: 50,8 M€ (2020)

Effective: 182 (2020)