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Telecom Design designs and manufactures miniature telecom modules for integration into a wide variety of electronic terminals, including its range of low power consumption and ultra narrow band radio modules, as well as ready-to-use products and solutions for the health (fall detection bracelets), energy (photovoltaic production monitoring), security (communicating sensor networks and GPS trackers) and industrial (automation and remote maintenance) sectors.

Since its creation, Telecom Design (TD) has never ceased to innovate in order to offer electronic equipment manufacturers increasingly high-performance telecom solutions. As a true pioneer in industrial flexibility and modularity of the telecom function, TD has progressively become the reference telecom partner for the largest manufacturers of payment terminals, franking machines, satellite decoders, alarm systems, lottery terminals, vending machines…

Participation: minoritaire 

Design and production of miniature telecom modules

Philippe Mate

IXO intervention: 1,23 M€

Sales figures: 30,1 M€ (2020)

Effective: 46 (2020)