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You are a company owner, Let’s do an Owner Buyout (OBO) together

You aim :

  • to more effectively diversify your assets, most of which are currently comprised by your company
  • to make your company grow and increase its value
  • to prepare for a second phase sale (an optimised sale), which may be internal, or external

You are looking for :

> A solution that is comprehensive, yet staggered over time, asset-optimised and respectful of the company and its growth needs.

> A partner that commits its own capital to the project, shares with you its considerable knowledge of the area and provides you with exit support.

You are senior executives and company directors, Let’s do a Management Buyout (MBO) together

You are :

  • an executive or director in a subsidiary of a large group or in SME whose owners have decided to sell,
  • aware of the potential for creating value from the company,
  • ready to join forces with a Financial Partner to achieve your goals.

You are seeking :

Capital to

> acquire the company, despite your limited resources

> fund, if necessary, the acquisitions that will optimize growth

A partner

> who will assist you in implementing the acquisition process (letter of intent, due diligence, share purchase agreement, and shareholders’agreement)

> defines with you and supports the company’s strategy (organic growth or growth through acquisitions)

> provides you with exit support (secondary LBO, trade sale)

iXO Private Equity provides you with :

Financial resources :
  • Investments in equity
  • From 1 to € 30m
Expertise in financial engineering :
  • Financial structuring, in particular for acquisitions
  • Structuring of funding rounds: seeking and syndicating domestic and international financial partners
And introduces you to its network of partners :
  • Directors and managers of companies (SMIs-SMEs and industrial groups)
  • Experts/advisors (legal, patent & industrial property rights, human resources, etc.)
  • Private and public institutions capable of providing funding
A close partnership
  • Availability and support with strategic decisions
  • Participation on boards of directors/supervisory boards…
  • Relationship of trust, with a well-known team for his business ethics and respect for individuals
Exit expertise
  • Design and implementation of the optimal structure (trade sale, IPO, LBO, etc.)
  • Active participation in the disposal process (hiring of advisors, negotiations, etc.)