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Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders in Technology,
we support you during the first steps in growing your business

Entrepreneurs, leaders of technology companies, iXO PE supports you, from the first steps to the growth of your company

Our company:

  • processes proven, innovative, cutting-edge technology
  • aims to market (or already markets) products and/or services that stand out from those of the competition and provides genuine added value
  • aims to target (or already targets) high potential, very often international markets

You are seeking:

  • fund the development and industrialization of your products and services
  • penetrate new markets
  • structure your team
  • maintain/develop financial credibility
  • is reliable and has a long-term mindset
  • understands your entrepreneurial goals and the challenges involved
  • makes available to you its established local, national and international network
  • is able to assist you with your exit

iXO private Equity provides you with

Financial resources:
Investments in equity
From €1m to €5m, in one or more rounds

Expertise in financial engineering:
Financial structuring, in particular for acquisitions
Structuring of funding rounds: seeking and syndicating domestic and international financial partners

And introduces you to its network of partners:
Directors and managers of companies (SMIs-SMEs and industrial groups)
Experts/advisors (legal, patent & industrial property rights, human resources, etc.)
Private and public institutions capable of providing funding

A close partnership:
30 years of experience in Venture Capital
Availability and support with strategic decisions
Participation on boards of directors/supervisory boards…
Relationship of trust, with a well-known team for his business ethics and respect for individuals

Exit expertise:
Design and implementation of the optimal structure (trade sale, IPO, LBO, etc.)
Active participation in the disposal process (hiring of advisors, negotiations, etc.)

iXO PE provides venture capital investments through its Local Private Equity Investment Fund (FIP)

  • Framework of investment quota into start-ups : Under 5 years or under 8 years.
  • Features of targeted companies : innovative SMEs or primarily technological companies.
  • Targeted industries : electronics, systems, software programs, services, health, energy, the environment, new materials, chemicals and mechanical products.
  • Geographical areas covered : South-West and South-East France