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Business leaders,
we finance your expansion by your side

Our company:

  • is well acknowledged in its home market
  • is entering a new expansion phase to boost its market share, to reach out to new target segments, and to grow internationally

You are seeking:

  • invest in tangible and intangible assets
  • fund the working capital needs to optimise growth
  • acquire companies that are complementary to your business
  • understands your entrepreneurial goals and the challenges involved
  • gives you access to an established local, national, and international address book
  • is with you for the duration of your project

iXO private Equity provides you with

Financial resources:
Investments in equity, or in convertible bonds into equity
From €1 to €30m, in one or more rounds

Expertise in financial engineering:
Financial structuring, in particular for acquisitions
Structuring of funding rounds: searching for and syndicating domestic and international financial partners

And introduces you to its network of partners:
Directors and managers of companies (SMIs-SMEs and industrial groups)
Experts/advisors (legal, patent & industrial property rights, human resources, etc.)
Private and public institutions capable of providing funding

A close partnership:
Availability and support with strategic decisions
Participation on boards of directors/supervisory boards…
Relationship of trust, with a well-known team for his business ethics and respect for individuals

Exit expertise:
Design and implementation of the optimal structure (trade sale, IPO, LBO, etc.)
Active participation in the disposal process (hiring of advisors, negotiations, etc.)