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The ERMIC DEVELOPPEMENT group, which has been specializing in the design and production of electronic systems for 34 years, is present through the companies STERELA, SURVISION, AFS2R, BLUEMATRIX and NOVAL in six major application areas: – intelligent road traffic management systems, – the supply of target support for firing ranges (leading supplier to the French army), – the supply of weather data acquisition stations (leading supplier to Météo France), – the design of custom solutions, notably for the aeronautics industry, – Big Data (BLUEMATRIX), – mechatronics in the “street, home, marine” fields (NOVAL).

The fundraising enabled ERMIC DEVELOPPEMENT to acquire NOVAL and to accelerate its organic development by continuing its R&D efforts and by strengthening its international presence.

Participation: minoritaire 

Manufacture of scientific and technical instrumentation

Robert Bousquet, Bruno Josse & Pierre Macias

IXO intervention: 4,8 M€ in ERMIC

Sales figures: 38,1 M€ (2020)

Effective: 125 (2020)