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The company offers its customers (satellite integrators or constellation launchers) a unique global space mobility offer including

– Thrusters for nanosatellites and microsatellites
– A software solution for complete management of space missions
– (eventually): service vehicles (transport/maintenance).


Exotrail stands out by :

– A disruptive product, much more powerful than the market, modular, and based on a reliable and time-tested technology;
– Reference customers (e.g. Eutelsat), giving credibility to the miniaturization/modularity know-how of the thrusters, despite the fact that Exotrail engines have yet to be put into orbit.

Participation: majoritaire 

Space Mobility including thrusters for nanosatellites and microsatellites and a software solution for space mission management.


IXO intervention: 1,5 M€

Sales figures: ns (2020)

Effective: 30 (2020)