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Maisons Avenir Tradition (MAT), created in 1989 by Michel Cassar, builds individual houses. It operates in the Mediterranean area, from Perpignan to Nice. The company has nearly 110 employees and had €38.7 million in construction revenue in 2018.

The company is headquartered in Nîmes and has about 20 branches under the Maisons Avenir Tradition and Villadirect brands:
▪ Maisons Avenir Tradition (2/3 of sales): the company’s flagship brand, which has been offering a “ready-to-live-in house” concept for the past 4 years, a differentiating offer on the market with complementary finishes such as equipped kitchens, interior decoration, home automation, closets and dressing rooms, fitted bathrooms… The company exhibits some of this equipment in its showrooms and obtains supplies from French suppliers. This offer represents 40% of sales and more than 1000 houses have been sold on this concept in 4 years
▪ Villadirect (1/3 of sales): the company’s “1st price” brand.

Participation: majoritaire 

Builder of Individual Houses

Maxime GOY

IXO intervention: 4,0 M€ in holding MGH

Sales figures: 29,8 M€ (2020)

Effective: 110 (2020)