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Founded in 2013, THERANEXUS is a clinical-stage, CEA-derived biopharmaceutical company developing drug candidates for the treatment of nervous system diseases.

Thanks to its knowledge of neuroglial interactions, THERANEXUS is a pioneer in the design and combination of approved substances and has a solid and diversified portfolio of assets in clinical phase.

This strategy allows the company to generate different high value-added drug candidates, to significantly reduce development time and costs and to considerably increase the chances of market access for its drugs.

To this end, THERANEXUS is positioned in several indications, including Parkinson’s disease and Batten disease, for which no treatment is currently available on the market.

Company sold in 2020.

Alexandre Sagon

Participation: majoritaire 

Pharmaceutical development (treatment of neurological disorders)

IXO intervention: 2 M€

Sales figures: n.d

Effective: 17 (2018)